Mini Coaxial Subsea

Mini coaxial subsea connectors

Mini Coaxial Subsea Connectors:

Mini Coaxial Subsea Connectors were originally developed for a specific requirement where space and weight constraints prohibited the use of an ‘Industry Standard’ single-way coaxial product.

Currently rated to 3,000m with a 15mm overall connector diameter. This range offers significant space saving benefits. Designed to accommodate commercially available 50Ω and 75Ω connector inserts. Supplied with male or female contacts in either mating half.

Flanged or through hole mounted bulkheads. Inline male and female connectors terminated to standard or customer supplied cables. A right angled moulded variant can be supplied on request.

  • Available in 316 stainless steel or brass as standard. Titanium, aluminium, non-metallic or other options available on request
  • Simple, robust construction ideal for cameras, instruments and antennae
  • 20% smaller diameter and overall length than “Industry Standard” offerings
  • Currently rated to 3,000m depth as standard. Contact us for enhanced ratings
  • Bespoke options available on request, UK manufactured for fast-turnaround deliveries
  • Drymate assembly, no keyway
  • Supplied with a range of standard cable types to suit application, customer supplied cables can be accommodated subject to specification review.


Typical Specifications (50Ω RG178/BU)    
Contact Resistance : <10mΩ Contact Material : Gold over Copper
Insulation Resistance : >10GΩ Body : Stainless 316L
Current Rating : 2A Locking Nut : Acetal
Working Voltage : 250Vrms Overmoulding : Polyurethane
Test Voltage : 750V / 50Hz O Rings : Nitrile N170

Bulkhead (BCR) Dimensions & Mounting Detail (all dimensions in mm):

Mini coaxial bulkhead dimensions

Moulded Connector (CCP) Dimensions:
Moulded Connector dimensions
Mated CCP & BCR Nominal Dimensions:Mated mini coax dimensions
Please contact us to discuss how this product can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.