Subsea connectors submersible

Subsea connectors. Ethernet, electrical, coaxial and fibre optic solutions.

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Designed & manufactured to suit. We also offer complete cable assemblies.

Subsea connectors adapted to customer needs. Therefore allowing us to offer solutions to suit.

Moulded or metal. Straight or right angled cable connections.

Terminated with cable or supplied without. In conclusion, solutions for all.

Used in a wide variety of marine environments, for instance:

Subsea instrumentation. Sensors and control systems.
Autonomous and remotely operated vehicles.
Downhole instrumentation and logging systems.
Military Communication and Control systems.
Meteorological Buoy systems.
Military Sonar systems.
Land and Marine Seismic equipment.
Offshore renewable energy projects.
These products are derived from a range of capabilities and industry experience:

Specialised, bespoke connectors and cables for underwater environments.
Complete prototyping service from design to manufacture.
Electrical and pressure testing.
Design of electrical, optical, coax, ethernet or hybrid connectors
Unique one off requirements to volume applications.
Cost effective shallow water products.
Commercially available insulators easily integrated.
Over moulding capability for Polyurethane, Neoprene and Polyethylene.
Feed through penetrators. Glass to metal seals and epoxy water blocks.
Ceramic transducers and hydrophones.
Potting and encapsulation of switches, sensors, strain gauges and PCBs.
Long established range of subsea connectors.

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