Mini Electrical Range

Our miniature electrical connector range is a further development of the single way Mini-Coax Connector set, utilising common parts for improved lead times.

Currently rated to 3,000m with a 15mm overall connector diameter, this product offers significant space saving benefits. It has been designed to accommodate commercially available single, 2, 3, 4 and 6-way inserts.

Available as flanged or through hole mounted bulkheads, inline male and female connectors terminated to standard or customer supplied cables. A right angle moulded variant is also available.

Ideally suited for applications where a small, lightweight reliable connection is required, such as Pipeline Pigging, Diver Comms., AUVs, control & instrumentation and sensors.

  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel or Naval Brass as standard, titanium, aluminium, non-metallic or other options available on request
  • Currently rated to 3,000m depth as standard, contact CEEP Sales for enhanced ratings
  • Bespoke options available on request, fast-turnaround deliveries
  • Drymate assembly, positively engaged keyway system
  • Supplied with a range of standard cable types to suit the application, customer supplied cables can be accommodated subject to specification review
  • Simple, robust construction ideal for subsea sensors, pins/sockets in each mating half :-