Modular size 3

Modular size 3 subsea connectors

Modular size 3 Subsea Hybrid Connectors:

Developed to meet the harsh requirements of underwater communications.

A wide variety of standard configurations available. Electrical, Coaxial, Ethernet contacts or a combination. Non-standard inserts can also be used.

Available with flanged or through hole mounted bulkheads. Inline connectors can be supplied terminated. Straight or right angled mouldings, alternatively metal backshells.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel as standard. Titanium, aluminium, naval brass, non-metallic or other options available on request
  • Standard and reverse gender configurations for connectors or bulkheads
  • COTS inserts and in-house manufactured housings for cost effective, short lead times
  • Options include electrical screening, strain member termination, fully waterblocked, oil filled
  • Bulkhead mounting variants and conductor tails to suit individual requirements
  • Right angled and multi way breakout moulding options
  • Currently rated to 3,000 metres – contact us for greater ratings.

Electrical contact configurations:

Hybrid / Coaxial contact configurations:

Ethernet contact configurations:

Threaded bulkhead (BCR) Dimensions & mounting details:

Size 3 Modular bulkhead dimensions


Moulded Connector (CCP) Dimensions:

Size 3 Modular Moulded Connector CCP Dimensions

Our unique approach to connector design allow us to produce cost effective solutions. Customer specific products manufactured in short timescales. Low development costs.

Subsea Hybrid connectors comprise of 18 variants of electrical contacts. 13 options with up to 3 coax and up to 22 electrical contacts. The housing designs can accommodate a smaller size with up to 3 coax and 10 electrical contacts (7 options). Larger sizes offering up to 6 coax and 22 electrical contacts (14 options).

Please contact us to discuss how this product can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.