Minnow Electrical Range

Minnow Electrical Range of subsea connectors


Minnow Electrical Range of subsea connectors

Only 15 mm diameter overall. Significant space saving benefits.

Accommodates commercially available single, 2, 3, 4 and 6 way inserts. Higher densities in development. 12 & 16 way connectors now available.

Available as a flanged or through hole mounted bulkhead. Inline male and female connectors terminated to standard or customer supplied cables. A right angle moulded variant is also available.

Ideally suited for applications where a small, lightweight reliable connection is required. Applications include Pipeline Pigging, Diver Communications, AUVs, control & instrumentation and sensors.

Key Features and benefits:
  • Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel or Naval Brass. Titanium, aluminium, non-metallic or other options A are available on request
  • Currently rated to 6,000m depth as standard. Contact us for enhanced ratings.
  • Bespoke options available on request.
  • Drymate assembly.
  • Positive engaged key way system.
  • Supplied terminated with cable.
  • Simple, robust construction.
  • Miniature electrical range.
Standard Electrical contact configurations:

  • Single Contact Variants High Voltage : 2A d.c./3kV
  • High Current : 10, 20, 30 or 40A
  • Pneumatic / Fluid : 7 Bar @ 20°C
General Specifications:
  • Temperature: -55 °C to 100°C
  • Body: Stainless 316L
  • Contact IR: >999MΩ @ 1,000Vdc
  • Insert: PEEK
  • Contact Resistance: 5.5mΩ (0.7mm Ø Pin)
  • Locking Collar: Delrin (or Brass)
  • Contacts: Gold plated Bronze (Sockets) or Brass (Pins)
  • O Rings: Nitrile N170 (BS 011 & BS 013)
M11 Bulkhead (BCR) Dimensions & Mounting Detail (all dimensions in mm)

  • Bulkheads supplied with 200mm 26AWG (2,3 & 4 way) or 28AWG coloured tails.
  • M11 locking nut can be provided on request.
¼” – 28 UNF-2A Bulkhead Mounting Variant:

Moulded Connector (CCP) Dimensions:

Right Angle Moulded Connector (CCP) Dimensions:

Mated CCP & BCR Nominal Dimensions:

Stock Cables:

Customer supplied cables can be terminated, subject to technical review, various stock cables are offered as standard.

Pin 1-way 2-way 3-way 4-way 6-way
1 Black Black Black Black Black
2 Blue Blue Blue Blue
3 Red Red Red
4 Yellow Yellow
5 Green
6 White