Coaxial Connectors

Subsea coaxial connectors


Coaxial connectors:

  • Coaxial connectors. Designed to meet the harsh requirements of underwater communications and control.
  • Commercially available 50Ω and 75Ω triaxial inserts within inhouse designed and manufactured shells.
  • Applications include the deep water ODAS Buoys for the Met Office.


 Electrical 50Ω 75Ω
 Contact diameter 2.0mm 0.9mm
 VSWR (f=GHz) 1.01 (+0.27f) 1.02 (+0.27f)
 Operating Voltage (KVrms) 0.6 0.5
 Test Voltage (KVrms) 2.0 1.5
 Rated current 16A 6A
  • Body 316 S11 (EN.4541) Stainless Steel.
  • Locking Collar 2870-CZ106 Brass, (2874-CZ112 Naval Brass Option)
  • O Rings Nitrile, alternatives such as Viton available on request.
  • Pressure Rating 6,000p.s.i. (tested to 10,000p.s.i.)


  • Available as flange or through hole mounted bulkheads. The inline connectors can be supplied terminated to a variety of cables with straight or right angled mouldings.
  • Various other coaxial connector specifications can be provided upon request.

Please contact us to discuss how this product can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.