UHF Series

UHF connectors are robust. Threaded and anti-rotation coupling. Their characteristic impedance is not defined, although it is usually used in applications of 50 Ω. Usually limited to about 300 MHz to obtain good VSWR. Main applications of these UHF connectors are found in low frequency mobile communications systems.

UHF RF coaxial connectors (PL)

Alfa’r industrial UHF connectors are manufactured with special care in quality. PTFE (Teflon) or Bakelite dielectrics are available. The central contacts are silver plated as standard. Gold plated on request.

UHF coaxial connectors available for standard or special cables. Different versions include: straight, angled and panel. And as for the assembly of the cable, we have welded versions, cable gland, crimp, quick, etc.

Standard: IEC 169-12