N Type Connectors

N Type connectors (Navy connector) are widely used for their versatility, robustness and optimum results in demanding environments. Commonly used in telecommunications and instrumentation applications. Effective frequencies of use – 11 GHz (for 50 Ω version) and 1.5 GHz (for 75 Ω version). With the N connector very low VSWR are obtained, and a relatively high use power: 2 KW at 100 MHz, 800 W at 1 GHz and 200 W at 10 GHz.

RF coaxial connectors N

There are coaxial connectors N for standard or special cables (flexible, semi-rigid or corrugated). Different versions of form include straight, angled, watertight panel. As for the assembly of the cable, we have welded, cable gland, crimp and clamp versions.

Telecom applications have been specially studied to obtain very low inter modulation products (PIM), greater than 155 dBc (request low inter modulation connectors -BI-) RF Accessories