The connectors of the MCX series correspond to a miniature connector, whose male-female coupling is carried out by means of a snap-on system. The design of the central contact and the insulator support is practically identical to that of the series connector SMB, but in the series of connectors MCX the external coupling mechanism has been optimized obtaining a 30% reduction of space with respect to the series of SMB connectors, without renouncing the same reliability.

The characteristic impedance is 50 Ω with effective use frequencies above 6 GHz, which make them suitable for use in GPS wireless systems, and in general in any communications or measurement equipment where small size is an important requirement.

RF coaxial connectors MCX

There are MCX coaxial connectors for standard or special cables (flexible, semi-rigid, rigid…). Different versions of form: straight, angled, panel, SMD assembly… And as for the assembly of the cable, we have welded versions, cable gland, crimp…

Standard: IEC 61169-36