The 7/16 series (name referring to the measurement of the inner and outer contact, in mm), are very robust connectors with threaded coupling . Their applications are basically focused on mobile phone base stations and various radio links. Its characteristic impedance is 50 Ω with effective use frequencies up to 8 GHz. VSWR, very low attenuation and high utilization power are obtained: 5 KW at 100 MHz, 1.8 KW at 1 GHz and 900 W at 4 GHz. As far as intermodulation products are concerned, very low PIMs are obtained, greater than 155 dBc, for all models.

RF coaxial connectors 7/16

There are coaxial connectors 7/16 for standard or special cables (flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, corrugated…). Different versions of form: straight, angled, watertight panel,… And as for the assembly of the cable, we have versions welded, cable gland, crimp, clamp….