Underwater Connectors

Underwater Connectors by CEEP 

Used in a wide variety of marine and harsh environments, including:

  • Subsea instrumentation, sensors and control systems.
  • Autonomous and remotely operated surface and underwater vehicles.
  • Downhole instrumentation and logging systems.
  • Military Communication and Control systems.
  • Meteorological Buoy systems.
  • Military Sonar systems.
  • Land and Marine Seismic equipment.
  • Offshore renewable energy projects.

Underwater connectors are derived from a range of key strengths, capabilities and industry experience:

  • Specialised connectors and cables for underwater or harsh environments.
  • Complete prototyping service from design to manufacture to electrical and pressure testing.
  • Design of electrical, Optical, Coax /RF, Ethernet or hybrid connectors. Unique one offs to volume applications.
  • Cost effective, shallow water products.
  • Incorporating proven, commercially available interconnects into subsea capable solutions.
  • Moulding service and an over-moulding material capability for Polyurethane, Neoprene and Polyethylene components.
  • Through-hull penetrators, glass to metal seals and epoxy waterblocks.
  • Ceramic transducers and hydrophones.
  • Potting and encapsulation of switches, sensors, strain gauges and PCBs.
  • Long established range of metal shell connectors.

4 pin square flange subsea


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