CEEP Prosper

CEEP Alfar Connectors proud sponsor of Prosper Performance Coaching

CEEP Prosper
We are proud to announce the sponsorship of a young and dynamic company. A local team that share the same values and work ethics as us. Supports and encourages the development of all involved.
Prosper Performance Coaching is a football coaching company that aims to help their young members to ‘Prosper’ on and off of the pitch. They provide a culture where each individual can be given the opportunity to express themselves and to thrive on their strengths.
They offer holiday courses, a football club and an excellence programme. Constantly looking to expand. Their vision is to run term time clubs and niche football opportunities for all.
Additionally they run arts and crafts as well as their exclusive to girls ‘ProspHER’ section.
After a year of operating they have positively impacted on many lives and will continue to go from strength to strength!
For further details on how you can get involved please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Prosper-Performance-Coaching-100177632427380/