5G High speed connectors

5G High speed connectors

We have all heard about the upcoming 5G technology, although most of us have not yet been able to experience it in its full power. Forecasts indicate that by 2025 at least 20% of all mobile connections will be through 5G.

Our range of High Speed connectors (HS) are integrated in different housings. Thus solving electrical and mechanical problems and guaranteeing their reliability and durability. These are professional connectors designed for intensive use .

It has made our priority to encapsulate this connectivity and make it immune to severe environmental and industrial agents, Factors such as temperature extremes and abrupt temperature changes, vibrations, humidity, shocks and torsion forces. High number of interconnections for systems where many mating cycles are required.

In some cases, HS data signals must coexist with signals of another nature such as power signals, Fibre optics, Radio Frequency or in industrial environments with fluids.

We offer products with great integration of all types of signals for the creation of complete and scalable connectivity solutions.

Satisfactory achievement in the electrical response has been prioritized, mechanics in safety and environment.

At an electrical level, the behavior has been optimized in 4 measurements: Constant and adapted characteristic impedance, measured through Time Domain Reflectometry TDR, and minimization of Return Loss RL, Insertion Loss IL, and crosstalk between channels.

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