About CEEP Connectors Limited

We are a Connector Manufacturer and Distributor. Specialists in providing robust interconnect solutions.

A registered ISO 9001:2015 company, forming part of the Alfa’r connectors group. Our products have been serving a diverse range of industries for many years.

Located in Liss, Hampshire, United Kingdom.


We don’t claim to be the best nor the biggest, but we do strive to be the most supportive. Our goal is to keep our customers happy.

If you have an on-going requirement for connectors, let us know. We will make sure there’s enough stock on the shelf for you.

Need a datasheet or a 3D model? No problem. Let us know what’s needed and will get this information across to you in a timely manner.

Helpful. We enjoy working closely with customers, understanding your needs and offering advice where applicable.

We are engineers who tend to let our products do the talking.


Our products are very much focused on good quality. Designed and built to last.

Amongst others, we manufacture IP68 connectors, rectangular, subsea and d subminiature connectors.

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Markets include:

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