About CEEP

About CEEP – We are a Connector Manufacturer

Our products have been serving a diverse range of industries since 1962.
We have sales offices located in the United Kingdom, Spain and France.
Distribution outlets can be found worldwide.

Expectations of CEEP

CEEP aim to provide the very best customer service.
We are big enough to cope, yet small enough to care.
Our focus is manufacturing products built to last.
Endeavour to work closely with customers. Understand needs. Fulfil requirements.
Treat all enquiries equally.

Our product range consists of:

IP67 & IP68 Circular Connectors
19 pin Soca lighting connectors
7 pin hoist connectors
Subsea connectors
High power connectors
mono-pole connectors
Rectangular connectors
Sub d connectors
D type hoods

CEEP Brands:



Defence about CEEP


Reliable and robust solutions are critical. CEEP connectors are the ideal choice.

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About CEEP. Our connectors are highly regarded. Renowned for great quality and longevity. A trustworthy investment for those seeking a reliable solution.
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Constructed with an aluminium shell and a number of plating options. Our Series 92 connectors are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

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Our close proximity to the south coast enables us to offer an unrivalled service. With a huge number  of IP67, IP68 connectors available. We have a solution to meet most needs. Read More


Railway about ceep


About CEEP. Our anti-vibration connectors incorporate a very simple system which prevents connectors uncoupling during transit.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The need for sustainable energy has never been greater. Our connectors are designed to last.


Robotics/Autonomous Vehicles

A fast paced industry with rapid economical growth. CEEP offer a fantastic product range. Competitively priced with short lead times.