Dry Mate

Subsea Dry Mate Connectors

Our range of Subsea connectors are designed to withstand the extreme conditions during handling, deployment and service. The modular design offers great versatility with multiple options for electrical performance, size, pin configuration and material specification. Rated to 7,100 metres, these connectors can be supplied oil filled, moulded in polyurethane or polyethylene or unterminated for field installation.


Key features and Benefits


  • Manufactured and designed in the UK
  • 9 shell sizes, 2 to 61 contacts, 8 to 20AWG
  • MIL-DTL-26482 specification inserts, up to 5 keyway variants
  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel as standard, titanium, aluminium, navl brass, non-metallic or other options available on request.
  • Voltage rated from 700Vdc to 1500Vdc, current from 7.5A to 45A (single pin)
  • Standard and reverse gender configurations for connectors or bulkheads.
  • COTS inserts with housings manufactured to suit, provides cost effective, short lead time supply.
  • Proven sealing design accommodates non-standard inserts – fibre optic, RF/Coax, hybrid etc.
  • Options include electrical screening, strain member termination, fully waterblocked, oil filled.
  • Bulkhead mounting variants and conductor tails to suit individual requirements.
  • Right angled and multiway breakout moulding options.


Standard Specifications


Temperature: -20ºC to 100ºC

Contact IR: ›999MΩ @1,000Vdc

Mated depth: 7,100m

Locking Nut: Acetal or brass

Body: Stainless Steel 316L

Insert: Polychloroprene / Plated Aluminium

Contacts: Copper Alloy /Gold over Nickel Plate

O Rings: Nitrile N170


Bulkhead receptacle dimensions

Dry Mate Connectors receptacle dimensions


Connector Plug Dimensions

Dry-Mate Connectors plug dimensions

Contact Arrangements


Dry-Mate Connector contact arrangement