July 2018

New 300A monopole connectors

Recently introduced to our range are these compact 300A power connectors.

Designed to maintain cable performance in terms of electrical and thermal attributes.

Key features:

Voltage: 1000V AC RMS 60 Hz / 1500V DC (depends on degree of pollution)

Current: 300A

Coupling: Bayonet

Shell Continuity: <5mΩ (depending on plating finish)

Mechanical endurance: 500+ mating cycles

Configuration: 90° and straight

Polarisation: 5 keys (to avoid mismating)

Cable size: up to 70mm²

500 Hours salt spray (Zinc nickel passivate)


Crimp or screw

Example formats below. Click HERE for more:

300A Monopole 9206 B300A Monopole 9202 B